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The Tri-County Board of Directors is comprised of 15 men and women who volunteer their time to the Agency. Tri-County Board members are representative of the communities we serve, and are dedicated to the mission and values of the organization. One-third of Board representatives are from low-income households; one-third of the Board members shall be elected public officials or their representatives; one-third of Board members shall be private sector community representatives in such areas as business, finance, legal, health, education, senior services, or community organizations. In addition, 51% of Board members shall be Tri-County Health Center patients and at least one Board member will be a current, or former Head Start parent or guardian.

Ex-Officio, Joseph DeSantis
Board Chair, Robert O’Brien
Vice Chair, Lynne Finnegan
Board Secretary, Cheryl Jackson
Treasurer, Edward Gemma

Director, Paul Gott
Director, Linda Folcarelli
Director, Saikon Gbehan-Isijola
Director, John Stoukides, MD
Director, Paul MacDonald

Director, Amber Champlin
Director, John Tassoni
Director, Ben Zanni
Director, Jocelyn Tavares