Senior and Program Leadership

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Meet the Tri-County Team of dedicated, experienced individuals who are passionate about bettering the lives of others in their community, and treating others with dignity and respect, regardless of their financial situation. Led by President and CEO, Joseph DeSantis, the Leadership Team takes a hands-on approach to daily operations.


President and CEO

Joseph R. DeSantis

(401) 519-1900

Executive Assistant

Paula Morris

(401) 519-1900

Chief Operating Officer

Brenda Dowlatshahi

(401) 519-1900

Chief Financial Officer

Angela Chatman

(401) 519-1902

Information Technology Director

Nghia Tieu

(401) 330-5583


Kristen Edward

(401) 519-1943

Special Projects Director

David Banno

(401) 519-1901

Marketing and Public Relations Director

Jennifer Papagolos

(401) 330-5579

Executive Coordinator for Washington County Programs

Margaret (Peggy) McGovern

(401) 789-3016 ext. 2321

Facilities and Grounds Director

Joseph Russo

(401) 519-1997


Health Center Director

Brenda Dowlatshahi

(401) 519-1900

Medical Director

Wilfredo Giordano-Perez, MD

(401) 519-1940

Behavioral Health Director

Yolanda DaSilva-Melo, LICSW

(401) 519-1940

Integrated Behavioral Health Director

Jennifer Caffrey, LICSW

(401) 519-1940

Director of Practice Management, Health Center

Jessica Gormley

(401) 519-1990

Health Center Chief Quality Officer

Daniella Pierre

(401) 519-1940

Dental Director

Stephen Thomas, DDS

(401) 519-1940

Head Start Director

Rhonda Farrell

(401) 519-1926

Emergency Services and Energy Program Director

Stephanie DiTusa

(401) 519-1917

Employment, Education and Training Director

Justin Waranis

(401) 351-2750

Senior and Disabled Adult Services Director

Regina Spirito

(401) 709-2643

Family Care Community Partnership Director

Margaret Teehan

(401) 789-3016 ext. 2315

Joyful Learning Child Academy Program Director

Laurie Armando, M.Ed.

(401) 789-2244

Victims of Crime Advocacy Program (VOCA) Director

William Morrissette

(401) 519-1916

Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Director

Casey Sardo, RD, LDN

(401) 519-1933

Johnston and Smithfield Substance Use Prevention Coalitions Coordinator, Youth Prevention Director

Patricia Sweet

(401) 519-1903

Health Equity Zone Director, Serving Johnston, Smithfield, North Providence

Lisa Kennedy

(401) 349-6969