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Pre-School and Early Education

The Joyful Learning Child Academy is a pre-school and early education program that services families with children age 6 weeks, through five years of age. Licensed by the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families, Joyful Learning provides a full day classroom experience that serves not only the child, but the entire family. We are able to connect families with several Tri-County and community programs to address other needs within the home, including food assistance, heating assistance, adult education and job training, and health care.

At Joyful Learning Child Academy, we pledge to provide a safe, warm, and nurturing environment that encourages learning and meets the physical and psychological needs of our children and their families regardless of socioeconomic status, culture, home language, special need, or differing ability. We purpose to provide high quality, comprehensive early care and education that speaks to the whole child and encourages a life-long curiosity for learning.

For more information on the Tri-County Joyful Learning Child Academy Program, contact Laurie at 401.789.2244 or by email at

Joyful Learning is located at 1935 Kingstown Road, Wakefield.

1935 Kingstown Road

1935 Kingstown Road

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